Work Units and Deliverables



Actions for research and future product design. It includes the work unit (WU):

– WU A1: Definition of Application Development Framework

Research will be conducted on the current state of CVD management tools and the European/national framework (strategies, action plans). Security requirements will be defined. The data will affect the functionality of the application. A study will be carried out to record and further analyze user requirements. Deliverable of the unit will be: P1.1: Study of Applications, User Requirements, Security, Privacy and Functional Specifications.


Design &
Development Stage

Product design and development activities with the following work units:

– WU A2: Definition of Technical Specifications – Application Design

The technical design of the project will be done: visualization of system operation through use case modeling and corresponding diagrams. The physical architecture will be clarified by defining the logical layers of the system architecture. The database design will be finalized and specific procedures for retrieving and presenting the information will be described. Compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Deliverables:

D2.1: System Design

D2.2: GDPR compliance plan

– WU A3: Development of Application’s Pilot Version 

The mobile application on iOS/Android, the web platform and the REST API will be pilot developed. It will be integrated with the most popular blood pressure monitors, wearables and 3rd party applications. Deliverables:

D3.1: Pilot version of mobile application for operation on iOS and Android

D3.2: Pilot version of web platform 

D3.3: Mobile application interface with blood pressure monitors, smartwatches and 3rd party applications

– WU A4: Technical Feasibility Study

Study of diagnosis of target market conditions/needs and business plan to capture business operation details. Deliverable:

D4.1: Technical feasibility study

– WU A5: Check and Validation

The pilot system will be tested on a defined group of patients to verify its functionality and effectiveness according to specifications. The results will be recorded and any discrepancies will be investigated. Deliverable:

D5.1: Test and Validation Report


Stage of Final Version
& Dissemination of project results / Demonstration

– WU A6: Development of Final Version & Dissemination

The final commercial version of the application will be developed. Actions will be implemented to disseminate the results of the project through the demonstration of the final product, its advantages and characteristics (diffusion actions will exist throughout the duration of the project, with particular emphasis on this stage). A website will be developed in a Greek/English version. Electronic and printed informational material will be created. Information events will be organized in the medical world, collaborations with organizations in the field will be cultivated, the results of the project will be published. Deliverables:

D6.1: Final version of mobile application for operation on iOS and Android

D6.2: Final web platform version

D6.3: Detailed usage guides for supported user roles

D6.4: Report of activities for disseminating project results and product demonstration (Web page for the promotion of the product, recording of the organization of events to inform the medical world, publications of the project results, use of social media, etc.).

– WU A7: Presentation at exhibitions

There will be participation with a stand in exhibitions of a relevant subject with the aim of investigating the conclusion of business partnerships-collaborations with entities active in the field of ehealth and cardiovascular diseases. Deliverable:

D7.1: Account report of participation in exhibitions.