The Project

The object of the present research project entitled “Platform creation for self-care of patients with hypertension and chronic cardiovascular diseases” is the development of an innovative application, ‘ForMyHeart’, which will be addressed to people suffering from arterial hypertension/CVD and treating physicians – nurses with the aim of comprehensive and personalized self-management of the disease.

The application will help the user-person with hypertension in the self-management of the disease and in his decision-making support through gathering, recording and monitoring his progress. It will be a tool for recording and analyzing the user’s data – measurements as well as extracting results of his daily course, in relation to specific goals he has set.

The application will support the user-patient with reward and/or warning messages, depending on his measurements, but will also send a notification to predetermined people (relatives, friends), in case of potential danger, while the mobile device will sound as a wake-up call and first aid instructions will be provided to facilitate bystanders to manage the episode effectively.

Also, the user-patient, if he wishes, will be able to give access to his attending physician to monitor his data, thus achieving a reduction in cost, time and travel between them.


The Objectives

The objectives of the project are the utilization of innovative approaches and cutting-edge technologies for:


Application Audience

formyheart - patient

Patients with hypertension

Young & middle-aged people, AD stage 1, 2, 3 etc., familiar with the new technologies, interested in their physical condition, diet (salt intake, alcohol, smoking), engage in daily activities, have a social life and wish to adhere to their systematic treatment.

formyheart - organismoi

Research organizations

(research institutes, university laboratories, providers of health services and dissemination of knowledge, medical associations) to exploit the data that will be gathered.

formyheart - Family

Sufferers' relative/friendly environment

which can monitor their progress.

formyheart - Doctor

Doctors dealing with cardiovascular diseases

For more comprehensive patient monitoring, pattern recognition, immediate feedback and optimization of provided services.

formyheart - blood

Companies manufacturing and promoting pressure gauges and related items/services

with the purpose of their participation in the commercial exploitation of the application.