The Partners

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TESSERA is active in the design and development of web and mobile applications (mobiles, tablets). It is characterized as a very small business and has ISO 9001:2015.

It has taken part in numerous R&D programs (ind. ‘EC A’, ‘Open Innovation in Culture’, ‘Greece-China 2012-2014’, ‘ICT4Growth’, ‘COOPERATION 2011’, European (ind. FRACTALS, ICT-PSP) and has implemented numerous public/private projects. The development of its expertise, through its long presence in the market, during which it has developed a multitude of applications, is an element of added value for its clients and partners. Seeking to pioneer and create products that are at the cutting edge of technology, the company sought to design and organize a new project in collaboration with INNOSEC.

formyheart - Innosec

INNOSEC is a spin-off. A knowledge-intensive and innovation-intensive company that provides information systems security services by applying innovative security techniques and technologies.

It’s experience and consistent presence in the field contributed to the creation of high expertise in the development, implementation and control of systems and network services. The research for innovative applications, but mainly the growing need for privacy, data protection and minimizing the vulnerability of systems contributed to working with Tessera, to undertake this new venture.